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Drawing has always been an important part of my life and illustration has been a part of my work as a graphic artist since the beginning. In recent years, illustration for tabletop games, books, and other printed matter has become even more central to my practice.


Above: Location illustrations for ‘Aegean Sea’ by Carl Chudyk and published by Asmadi Games, 2022

Above: Character illustrations for Dungeon Decorators by Slugfest Games, 2020.
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Above left: Native flora and fauna of the Bay Area illustration for ‘SF Bay Restoration Authority’, 2020
Above right: Bay Area postcards from the future for ‘Front Group Design’, 2015

Above: ‘Wildfire’ illustration created for Berkeleyside and Oaklandside

Above: ‘Long Lost Oakland’ map created in collaboration with ‘East Bay Yesterday’, 2018.
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Above: Crime scene implement illustrations for ‘Disorder’ published by AK Press, 2020

Above: Book jacket design for AK Press, 2020-2021

Above: Potion illustrations for Set A Watch: Swords of the Coin published by Rock Manor Games, 2020.

Above: Character and location illustrations for Strike! published by TESA Collective, 2019.
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Above: Illustrations for Bloc by Bloc: Uprising and Bloc by Bloc: 2nd edition by Out of Order Games, 2022 & 2018
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