~ Digital Painting
~ Hand drawn illustration
~ Concept Art

From book covers and board game boxes to posters and apparel, I’m always working to expand my illustration repertoire of techniques and subject matter. I specialize in the integration of rich illustrations with thoughtful graphic design to tell stories and communicate effectively.


Above: Dinosaur Studies, personal project, 2019

Above: Native flora and fauna of the Bay Area illustration for ‘SF Bay Restoration Authority’, 2020

Above: Crime scene implement illustrations for ‘Disorder’ published by AK Press, 2020

Above: Retro futurustic illustrated postcards of the Bay Area for ‘Front Group Design’, 2015

Above: Illustrations for ‘Bloc by Bloc: 2nd edition’ published by Out of Order Games, 2018
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Above: Concept ART for ‘Defenders of the Wild’, Out of Order Games, 2019

Above: Location and character illustrations for the tabletop game ‘Strike!’ published by TESA Collective, 2019.
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Above: Illustrations for the ‘Long Lost Oakland’ map created in collaboration with ‘East Bay Yesterday’, 2018.
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