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I have been working as a graphic artist for over 15 years in a wide variety of settings and on a unique mix of projects. My experience developing visual identities, designing games and managing print production gives me a unique capacity to offer a full suite of graphic arts services to a wide range of clients.

Design & Illustration Services


~ Logos and wordmarks
~ Art direction and v
isual style guides
~ Business collateral

print & editorial

~ Books and magazines
~ Silk-screened merchandise
~ Tabletop game components


~ Book covers and game boxes
~ Maps and information graphics
Characters, monsters, locations and objects


Drawing is a tool I have always used to explore ideas and communicate since my earliest days. When I was a teenager at the turn of the millennium, I taught myself basic editorial design in order to publish underground newspapers and zines with friends. As the web took over, I felt a special affinity with print and other forms of visual communication outside the confines of screens. A few years later, I became a collective member of Inkworks Press, a worker cooperative offset print shop founded in 1974 in Berkeley, CA. At Inkworks, I fine-tuned my design and typesetting while learning the ins and outs of print production. I also learned how to run a business during a time when the world of print was rapidly changing. In 2011, I co-founded Front Group Design in Oakland, CA where I worked as an art director and senior designer for seven years. In 2015, I also co-founded Out of Order Games to self-publish tabletop games such as Bloc by Bloc. These days I try to draw everyday and balance a mix of self-initiated projects with regular client work.

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To schedule a free initial consultation please email [email protected] and let me know what you are looking for!

I tend to lock down my project schedule 2 months in advance but I’m occasionally available for work on expedited timelines.